Who we are

We are Wide Ocean – a forward-thinking, quality-driven authority in the crafting and printing of paper-based products.

Our journey began in 1992 in Hong Kong, when Patrick Mak and Andy Wong – two professionals deeply enchanted by the captivating world of printing – united their passions. These two friends evolved into business partners and the pioneering founders of Wide Ocean.

Today, under the leadership of Patrick and Andy, we boast a dedicated team of over 200 professionals. Our headquarters remain rooted in Hong Kong, complemented by our expansive factory in Pingshan Town, Shenzhen.



"Charting a path to enrich the world, one printed page at a time. Surpassing the conventional to realize the extraordinary."

Our aim is to establish a global benchmark for industry excellence, positioning ourselves as the go-to partner for discerning customers prioritizing enduring sustainability and unmatched quality.



"Transcending norms to realize the extraordinary."

From concept to completion, we leverage cutting-edge technology and ingenuity to elevate the art of printing, bolstering the ventures of our partners and stakeholders.

Wide Ocean Accreditation

Wide Ocean’s dedicated effort have gained wide recognition from the community and have received numbers of international awards for our high standard in products quality.