Sustainability at Wide Ocean

In envisioning our future, our priorities are clear: quality, innovation and responsibility. These tenets drive our mission to enact lasting, positive change for individuals and businesses.


Our Blueprint

With a vision set on the loftiest of goals, we employ a dedicated and quantifiable blueprint to guide our journey from today and into the future.

We recognize the integral components needed to cultivate a healthier, more equitable, and greener world. As a conscious participant in the printing industry, we're committed to integrating sustainable principles into our corporate operations and practices.

Our contemporary strategy rests on three foundational pillars, addressing the pressing concerns of upcoming generations:

Preserve Our

The sustainable use and reuse of natural resources is paramount in the printing industry. We stand by a foundational principle: Give back more than you take.

Related SDGs

Carbon Reduction

Aware that climate change poses the most significant challenge for our era, we're steadfast in our commitment to a robust carbon emissions reduction strategy. Our approach hinges on continuous exploration and adoption of innovative energy sources. We aim to minimize wasteful consumption while maximizing resource efficiency.


Streamline the carbon footprint across our entire value chain – from manufacturing and transportation to final product disposal.

Resource Conservation

Paper often dominates perceptions of the printing industry. Championing responsible forestry and mitigating deforestation is a clarion call for us. Beyond that, we're dedicated to preserving another invaluable resource: water. Our pledge encompasses waste reduction and intelligent resource consumption.


Regularly update and train our employees in water conservation techniques. Actively encourage clients to opt for eco-friendly materials and papers in their printing endeavors.

Waste & Chemicals

The printing process inherently produces waste, from discarded materials to chemicals like inks and solvents. At Wide Ocean, our distinction lies in our meticulous oversight of every manufacturing detail, enabling us to curb unnecessary waste. Simultaneously, we prioritize quality materials and processes to ensure both environmental protection and human safety.


Collaborate exclusively with responsible and certified third-party suppliers, guaranteeing the appropriate management, storage, and transportation of waste and chemicals.

Empower Our People

The heart of Wide Ocean is its human capital. People stand at the core of our mission. We offer an environment where safety, inclusivity, and growth converge, allowing every individual to flourish. Recognizing and rewarding talent and merit is intrinsic to our ethos.

Related SDGs

Health and Safety

Prioritizing the health and well-being of both our employees and the broader community is non-negotiable. Our Health & Safety policy establishes guidelines that foster a safety-centric culture, benefitting employees, customers, and stakeholders alike.


Mitigate the risk of work-related injuries, occupational hazards, and diseases, all while championing continuous operational improvements.

Ethical Recruitment

A diverse and adept workforce isn’t just an asset; it mirrors our multifaceted society. At Wide Ocean, we approach recruitment with integrity and fairness, ensuring a process grounded in transparency and devoid of discrimination.


Ensure fairness throughout the recruitment journey and champion a workforce that celebrates diversity.

Nurturing Talent

Lifelong learning defines our corporate philosophy. We advocate for the continuous personal and professional growth of our employees. By offering training, mentorship, and coaching, we empower individuals to venture beyond their comfort zones, unlocking their full potential.


Cultivate a vibrant, positive work environment, celebrate achievements, provide continuous learning avenues, and tailor benefits to individual needs.

Transform Our Product

At Wide Ocean, our commitment is dual-faceted: to provide superior quality printing products and to do so sustainably. Our pursuit of innovative, eco-friendly technologies ensures that our clients receive the very best in sustainable solutions.

Related SDGs

Responsible Sourcing

Every procurement decision, whether related to materials, goods, or services, undergoes rigorous scrutiny. This isn't solely about quality—it encompasses social, ethical, and environmental standards. Our collaborations are anchored in mutual compliance with recognized standards and certifications.


Ensure adherence to the tenets and protocols outlined in our Supplier Code of Conduct. Adapt our sourcing strategies regionally to minimize environmental impact and foster robust collaboration.


We're champions of a circular approach, veering away from the traditional "make-buy-waste" mindset. Our products are crafted with longevity and recyclability front and center. Through effective waste management, and a culture that prioritizes reuse and recycling, we contribute to a more sustainable, resilient economy and society.


Prioritize the conservation of natural resources in our operations, underscored by our 2023 investment in a new water recycling system for the pre-press production phase. Aim: Reduce water usage for plate-cleaning processes by 50%.


Our genesis is rooted in a fervor for printing—and more crucially, for its evolution. Our tireless endeavors in research, conceptualization, and tech adaptation keep us at the forefront of the industry. It's this unyielding spirit of innovation that equips us to drive both economic and social advancement.


Channel investments towards the integration of our digital 3D enhancement press and cold foil machinery, targeting reduced production times and waste curtailment.